Environmental Education
Through our Environmental Education Programme, we seek to promote sustainability. Teachers, students and parents actively participate in projects to raise awareness and instill understanding of how to better protect natural resources, including the study of renewable energies. Moreover, outings throughout the Uruguayan territory allow students to comprehend the magnitude of such issues.

3 R Programme: Reduce: use only what is necessary, Reuse: give something a new use, Recycle: transform waste into new products.

Vegetable Garden: students in Kinder and Primary learn about the soil, how to plant, cultivate and harvest. This experience promotes the welfare of the social and physical context including the natural environment of the School community, promoting a better understanding of how we interact with nature.


This is an initiative that expresses the School’s interest in caring for the environment and promotes the value of teamwork, the feeling of belonging and reciprocal trust. Planting a tree is an act of wisdom that connects us to nature’s vital strength. To do so, in the company of our loved ones, strengthens the connection to our roots and the commitment to the future of that living being.

Founding Families Tree Planting is an activity in which IC’s founding families plant a tree in the School grounds. IC representatives accompany families in this activity, providing information on the species of the tree, its characteristics and meaning, and how to successfully carry out the act of planting. This highly meaningful moment is marked by a wooden plaque with the student’s name and the date on which they planted the tree. From that moment on, the student and his/her family take on the responsibility of caring for that tree, aiding and nurturing it in its growth day by day.