IC Airplane
The last airplane from the historic Uruguayan airline PLUNA, the Boeing 737, was transformed into a technological learning space for IC students and the community as a whole to enjoy learning more about technology and robotics, and many other associated areas. It also supports studies in applied sciences, engineering and mathematics and helps students to understand just how intrinsically linked these areas of knowledge are.

This fascinating learning space is also open to the public and, consequently, has received visits from several national and international institutions and organizations.

In partnership with Maldonado’s Development and Social Integration Office, the project ‘Caminando hacia el futuro’ (Walking towards the future) has enabled over 10,000 teenagers and elderly people to visit the IC Airplane. Flight simulations, the sharing of anecdotes and life stories and Robotics classes are among just a few of the activities offered to our guests.

Recently, IC paid homage to two former workers of Pluna Airlines, Commander Juan Barbé and Sales Representative Verónica Aramendi, who are graciously collaborating by giving workshops on aviation, flight experiences and overcoming personal struggles.