The Arts are one of IC’s main pillars, where we seek to develop students’ critical thinking and aesthetic sensitivity whilst being immersed in other cultures.

The Arts are considered a language that encourage students to express themselves in different modalities. Creativity, innovation and imagination play a crucial role in this process.

In addition to the Fine Arts, Design, Music, Singing and Dance are offered, both through the School’s curriculum and as extra-curricular activities.

In Kinder, a solid basis of artistic knowledge is provided through the Arts, Music and Body Expression, areas in which students express their creativity, an essential tool in their development as integral beings.

In Primary, students deepen their knowledge in Music, Choir, Drama and Arts, where they are more conscious about the work they are presenting. Different techniques are explored whilst learning about the authors and historic artistic figures of their time. The goal is to accompany students in their development, helping them to discover their potential through the different disciplines.

During each year in Secondary, students participate in subjects such as ‘Expresión Visual, Plástica y Dibujo’, ‘Educación Sonora’, ‘Expresión Corporal’, ‘Expresión Musical’, ‘Arte’ and ‘Comunicación Visual’. During this stage of education, they challenge their artistic skills at a superior level, perfecting their techniques and harnessing their talents. Once they get to Secondary 5, students may opt for Visual Arts and/or Theatre from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.