The main objective of the Sciences Department is to awaken a love for the sciences, enhancing students’ skills and abilities while showing that learning sciences and mathematics can be useful, interesting, enthralling and easy to comprehend. The understanding of theory and problem solving are additional goals that are worked on.

Our reality makes it necessary to form responsible citizens who have a critical spirit, are empowered to make responsible decisions, capable of applying the scientific knowledge and understanding acquired. This is why our Sciences Department seeks to create awareness about the impact of new technologies arising from scientific progress. Activities, lab research and digital simulations enable students to make connections between day to day life and mathematical, chemical, biological and/or physical concepts.

The IC labs are equipped with cutting edge technology and the latest materials. Students have access to the necessary materials to investigate, to nurture their curiosity and to apply to their practice, all under the highest safety standards. Verniers sensors and interfaces are used to collect precise data. Software, such as Logger Pro, is used to plot results. Chemicals, prime quality materials and safety elements such as emergency showers, eyewashes, fireproof blankets, and associated safetyware, complete the resources in the labs.