Roberta Sirotsky / Mum of International College
Porto Alegre, Brasil.
‘Punta del Este has always been a very special place for us and many important moments in our lives have taken place here.
My husband and I met in Punta in 2003, during the Easter holiday. We fell in love and two years later we celebrated our wedding here.
We spent several summers with our daughters in Punta, and they grew to know and love this city, just like we do.
In the summer of 2018, we visited IC for the first time. It was the turning point that convinced us to finally move here.
We were very impressed by the School’s curriculum and structure and decided to experience something new.
All in all, we are extremely happy with the quality of life, the friendships we have developed and IC’s warm welcome. How happy our girls are and how they are developing progressively cause us great satisfaction.’

Silvina Rojas / Mother of International College
Buenos Aires, Argentina
‘For many years we have been coming to Punta del Este, for work and to enjoy a quiet break with the family. We always felt that the quality of life and the idea of time here were different…
In the year 2016, after an unfortunate incident regarding our safety, we did not hesitate and decided to move to Punta del Este to raise our daughters.
We were faced with the task of finding an educational institution that was suitable to receive our homoparental family, a family that had already experienced a major change. So, for us, it was not just the academic part that was (and is) important, we were looking for a support system, something we perceived since the first meeting at International College. That day, we could not find the school (it was September 2016), and were arriving late for the interview. We called the School and Elena, Head of Secondary, laughed, saying ‘But dear, are you not in a grey car? You have passed by the School’s entrance five times already’.
When we finally arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Iara, Elena, Pedro and Belen. That is what convinced us to choose IC as the educational institution for our daughters.
In these two years that we were part of the IC Community we have realized that we were not mistaken.
Today we must move countries again… and if there is one thing that I must say, it is THANK YOU. Thank you to each and every one of the people from IC who have known how to leave a great mark on this family, and especially on my daughters, who have been able to assimilate that the academic part is very important but that if you learn something by playing, you learn it better. They have been able to share experiences with children from almost all nationalities and races. These are things that this family will remember forever.´

Clarice Debiagi / Mother of International College
Porto Alegre, Brasil
‘Punta del Este was always our choice for the holidays and vacations.
The experiences in Punta were so fantastic that we bought an apartment, and in the last five years made it our second home, a refuge, a place to enjoy, a safe haven full of positive energy.
Last year, out of curiosity, we visited International College. We left the school feeling that the once distant dream was not so impossible, and we decided to have a one-year experience.
We are relatively close to our native town; we can go and come back easily, providing continuity to our jobs whilst trying to develop them here as well. Let’s see!
How do we live today? As if in every week we had a holiday; we can enjoy the beach and good restaurants, in the dynamic of a small city, safely and with time in our favor. We have the advantage of a small city and the sophistication of a cosmopolitan place.
Our son, besides adding two more languages to his life, is sharing experiences with children from different cultures in an innovative and affectionate atmosphere. This is the role of International College.
It offers an environment that embraces not only the student but their families too.
Little by little we see a new community being born, not only formed by our Uruguayan hosts but by people from all around the world. What do they have in common? They all look for a better life, quieter and happier.´