About Us
International College is a bilingual educational institution that aims to be a leader in education at a national and regional level by enabling the students to achieve the best results with a comprehensive curriculum (academic, athletic, artistic and technological).

Sports, arts, and technology are the basic pillars upon which instill the value of effort, teamwork and fellowship as well as volunteerism and community service. Moreover, we work towards promoting values such as respect, dignity, and self-improvement.

In a total area of 50.000m2 and over a built area of 5.000 m2, there stand classrooms, a public library with a cafeteria, offices, indoor gyms, applicable to various uses ( plays and other artistic performances, lectures, events room and community activities). It also consists of a closed, heated pool, dining room, staff room, multipurpose room, laboratories and dorms.
International College also has a complete Sports Center that includes a regulatory soccer and rugby court with synthetic turf and two regulatory courts with outdoor floor to play handball, basketball, volleyball and tennis. It has a hockey field of artificial turf and running track and a fitness room with equipment of the latest technology and free weights for athletes.
The excellence acquired by the students will allow them to enter the leading public and private universities nationally and abroad.


International College is a secular institution which promotes the development of autonomous students to become communicators, inquirers, creative and innovators, principled, caring, reflective, risk-takers, leaders when they can, team players when they should, open-minded with a global vision, transiting naturally in other cultures.

It proposes to achieve this through a bilingual and balanced education reaching high international standards by means of an integrated educational system that promotes universal values, close interaction with the community and the education of responsible and environmentally conscious citizens who are interested in others and in themselves.


International College aspires to be a reference institution of excellence in multicultural education, open to students of all nationalities, bearing in mind that each individual must develop her/his intellectual, psychological and physical potential, in order to be inserted in society, based on respect for human dignity.

The students of the institution cultivate skills to become truly committed and happy global citizens by promoting a healthy lifestyle, respectful of nature and capable of choosing their own future.