Work Methodology
International College is a bilingual (English-Spanish) and lay school where language teaching aims at providing opportunities through which students can acquire knowledge, understand concepts and master the skill of communication.

The educational project begins in preschool, and it continues with primary and secondary school.

The work methodology for the students focuses on developing their personal abilities through the program "Learning to love" which has as its main objective to develop in the students a strong relationship with their environment.

Science, math, technology and languages are the basic areas over which students will be educated according to the different curriculums. The Singapore Method will be provided starting from Kinder 5 to 3rd grade Primary. This is an innovative teaching methodology with a closer and friendlier approach closer to the kids, which arises from the contextualization of mathematics and is based on problem solving.


International College has a Psychopedagogy Department, consisting of a Pedagogist, a Psychologist, a Counselor and Psychomotorist. This department will evaluate the students upon entering to early detect possible educational and/or emotional needs, by guiding them in their own personal and social development.

The psycho-pedagogical support begins at two years of age with psychologists and specialized professionals who work together with the children from the beginning of their personal and academic evolution.