From the Principal
The dawn of the second year in the history of International College (IC) invites us to pause and reflect on what has been achieved. To transform a dream into reality requires more than hard work, resilience and commitment. It relies on professionalism, equilibrium and love. This is how the Senior Leadership Team embarked upon this thrilling experience, with a dedicated team of Staff, supported by Parents and the Board of Governors.

Our pedagogical model promotes excellence in education through a careful combination of values and beliefs embodied in the IC ‘learner profile’.

The uniqueness of our educational project, with a balance between the national and international curricula, where English and Spanish receive equal attention, resides precisely in how the learning activity is delivered.

As mentioned in the Founding Principal’s speech at the launching ceremony in 2016:

“We believe that 21st century students, in their pursuit of happiness, should ‘learn how to learn’, being provided with a challenging and holistic values-based education, with emphasis on academic achievement, leadership, teamwork and service.

On their graduation day we expect them to be internationally minded team players and confident leaders, who lead when they can and follow when they should. Above all, we wish them to have at their core a strong sense of identity incorporating a critical thinking mind-set to become masters of their own future, at ease beyond borders, transcending the ordinary in all they choose to do.”

The path to building a new school is not easy but is surely an extremely rewarding process. We thank each and every one who contributed to the creation of International College and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Dr Iara Lindemann,
Founding Principal