Teachers at IC specialize in working with the students’ natural curiosity and creativity, fostering responsibility and organization from a young age.

The School offers a comprehensive curriculum in which the physical, emotional and social aspects, as well as the ethical and aesthetic, are developed in a holistic way. The curriculum sets the foundations for inquiry and understanding to take place, strengthens self-esteem, and improves language skills both in Spanish and English. Students are immersed in Jolly Phonics, a fun child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics and multisensory activities.

In Psychomotricity and Body Expression classes we work to promote early emotional and intellectual development. The objective is to encourage progress in motor skills and language, to support the harmonious growth of the student’s personality. Physical Education (PE) begins at age three with an Early Education Project (PET). By the age of five, children are introduced to sports in disciplines such as Hockey, Football and Rugby, among others.

Subjects such as Green Skills foster environmental awareness and contact with nature, whilst Chess and Robotics favour strategic thinking and coding.