IC offers the Cambridge Primary Programme integrated with the Uruguayan national curriculum, a programme the School complies with. In the first years of Primary, students continue with the English phonics programme ‘Jolly Phonics’. Their level of English, Science and Maths is externally evaluated through the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in Primary 6.

IC provides Robotics and Information Technology (IT) classes. Chess, Yoga and Green Skills are additional subjects that are offered to enhance students’ skills and abilities, as well as to diversify the options available.

From Kinder to Primary 6, students are encouraged to incorporate life skills, critical thinking and reflection. This takes place through a plan of action which is carefully crafted by class teachers in coordination with teachers from the different learning areas. To accomplish this, the School encourages the use of multidisciplinary projects where the interrelation of subjects allows students to make connections to the knowledge acquired.

The Singapore Method in Maths is implemented up to Primary 6. This is an innovative teaching methodology with a closer, more hands on approach, which arises from the contextualization of mathematics and is based on problem solving.