Considering that the education offered by the institution will embrace Uruguay and foreign countries, we provide the necessary amenities.
The school has enough infrastructures to provide services as a boarding school. The modality includes accommodation and food. In all cases, students will have as teachers as counselors who will play the role of residential advisors (Wardens). Additionally, housing will be provided to accommodate teachers and professionals. The possibility of temporary accommodation for students and school transport is also expected.

School infrastructure

International College is the first school of Punta del Este to have been designed, planned, and built from its beginning to be an educational institution. In a total area of 50.000 m2 and over a built area of 5.000 m2, there are classrooms, a public library with a cafeteria, offices, indoor gyms applicable to various uses such as plays and other artistic performances, lectures, salon are events room and community activities. It also consists of a closed heated pool, dining room, staff room, multipurpose room, laboratories and dorms. International College puts special emphasis on recognizing the accessibility of people to the physical environment. The institution, in a second stage, will have a closed, heated 25 meter pool and a dining room with a capacity for more 100 students.


International College is located in an area of easy access. It stands over a surface of 50.000 m2, in Blvr Artigas and Avda del Mar, Punta del Este, Maldonado.